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Research seminars are integral to academic life at CHSTM. We maintain two regular, wide-ranging seminar series. These seminars are open to anyone who is interested: students, fellow academics and the wider public - all welcome.

CHSTM Research Seminars

We are very pleased to announce that our CHSTM Research Seminars are back. We aim to produce a varied programme featuring invited speakers from institutions across Britain and the world, ranging from well-known senior figures to promising younger members of the profession.

We are particularly keen to foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere; alongside all aspects of the history of science, technology and medicine, our speakers' institutional backgrounds have included science studies, cultural history, social anthropology, museums work and many other fields.

Unless otherwise indicated, meetings will take place in the CHSTM Seminar Room, 2.57 Simon Building (see the University's maps and travel page for directions). We will also stream seminars via zoom. Links will be announced before the seminars. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates and check our CHSTM Blog for individual seminar announcements and abstracts.

Please contact the convenors, Professor Ian Burney or Dr Neil Pemberton if you have any queries about our seminar arrangements.

CHSTM Research Seminar Programme

Lunchtime (Work in Progress) Seminars

This is a less formal weekly series of half-hour papers and work-in-progress reports. The lunchtime seminar provides valuable experience for graduate students from CHSTM and elsewhere who may be presenting for the first time, and also helps members of the CHSTM community to keep up to date with each other's research.

The lunchtime seminar series runs throughout the academic year every alternate Tuesday, 1-2pm. Currently all seminars are held remotely, via Zoom. Each semester's lunchtime seminar series is organised by postgraduates within the Centre. The current organiser is Alice Naisbitt.

Visit the CHSTM PhDs blog for the Lunchtime Seminar programme, abstracts, and further details

CHSTM Research Seminar Programme - Spring 2023

3 October 2023
Dr Fiona Williamson (Singapore Management University)
Controlling Urban Atmospheres: Air Conditioning as a Social Marker in Colonial Singapore
Abstract and further details


10 October 2023
Dr Babara Kirsi Silva (Universidad CatoĢlica de Chile)
Science, Politics, and Astronomers in the 1960s. Observing the Stars to Understand the South
Abstract and further details


31 October 2023
Dr Carrie Friese (London School of Economics)
More-than-Human Humanitarianism: Bioscience, Care and the Problem of Sacrificial Logics
Abstract and further details


14 November 2023
Dr Sarah Dry (University of Cambridge)
From the cradle of systems thinking to the birth of global climate: the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and beyond
Abstract and further details


12 December 2023
Dr Joy Zhang (University of Kent)
What science will have been: A reflection on global governance and the practice of science
Abstract and further details



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