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Get in touch with members of staff or find out more about their research interests, teaching responsibilities, publications and other activities by clicking on the names in the list below. Please note that we have no access to our telephones or mailboxes while the university buildings are closed. Please use email or other electronic means of communication to contact us.


Administrative Support

Academic staff

  • Dr Camille Bellet
    Wellcome Trust Research Fellow: Investigating 'smart' animal health - Digital sensing and the reorganisation of healthcare in cattle farming
  • Dr Cinzia Greco
    Wellcome Trust Research Fellow: Trajectories of cancer patients in therapeutic and political contexts - A multi-sited study

Emeritus and Honorary

  • Professor Pratik Chakrabarti
    Honorary Professor
  • Professor Jonathan Harwood
    Emeritus Professor

You can also find a full list of CHSTM researchers, including contact details and information on research interests, publications, teaching responsibilities and other activities in the University's Research Explorer.