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Our postgraduate research students are undertaking projects in a range of areas.

Square brackets in the research student listings indicate a working title. Please contact students via their supervisors.

PhD students

Kathryn Ashill

Working for Wellbeing
Funded by the Wellcome Trust

Supervisor:  Robert Kirk
Co-supervisor: Simon Parry, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

Iqra Choudhry

Unlocking the SCAR archive: the sixty-year long consolidation of Antarctic governance through polar research
ESRC-funded collaborative studentship with SCAR

Supervisor: Simone Turchetti
Supervisory representative at SCAR: Jenny Baeseman

Michaela Clark

Curating the Clinical: A Visual and Material Investigation of Cape Town's Historical Medical Photographs
Funded by a University of Manchester Presidential Studentship

Supervisor: Carsten Timmermann
Co-supervisor: Kostas Arvanitis, Art History and Cultural Practices, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

Francesca Elliott

Power-assisted learning? Exhibiting, interpreting and teaching on technology in the twentieth-century industrial city
AHRC-funded collaborative award with the Science Museum

Supervisor: James Sumner
Supervisory representative at MMSI: Jan Hicks and Sarah Baines

Peter Eveleigh

The democratisation of flying

Supervisor: Simone Turchetti
Co-supervisor: Vladimir Jankovic

Yixuan Li

Historical and Sociological Research on Farmed Chicken in China: Use of Antibiotics and its impact on Human and Environmental Health. Funded by a CSC Scholarship

Supervisor: Vladimir Jankovic
Co-supervisor: Rob Kirk

Jemma Houghton

Plants in the era of synthetics: a history of medicinal plants and their place in twentieth century pharmacy
Williamson Studentship

Supervisor: Pratik Chakrabarti
Co-supervisor: Ian Burney

Alexander Longworth-Dunbar

Materialising the Virtual: a Critical History of Contemporary Popular Conceptions of the Internet
Funded by the ESRC

Supervisor: James Sumner

Robert Naylor

UK Applied Meteorology and Climatology 1945-present
Funded by the ESRC

Supervisor: Vladimir Jankovic
Co-Supervisor: David Schultz, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Supervisory Representative at the Royal Meteorological Society: Liz Bentley

Margee O'Mahoney

Science communication in contemporary pubs: intra-specific dialogue among the public at informal events

Supervisor: James Sumner
Co-supervisor: Elizabeth Toon

Alice Naisbitt

A UK backchannel? A science diplomacy history of the British Council in the 20th Century and beyond. ESRC CASE studentship

Supervisor: Simone Turchetti
Co-supervisor: Kieron Flanagan

Leah de Quattro

Knowing Childbirth: Birth Stories and Collective Learning
Funded by the ESRC

Supervisor: Carsten Timmermann
Co-Supervisors: Sarah Collins, Manchester Medical School, and Vicky Singleton, Sociology, Lancaster University

Eleanor Shaw

The History of the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA)
Funded by the BJA

Supervisor: Stephanie Snow
Co-Supervisor: Carsten Timmermann
Supervisory representative at the BJA: Jenny Hunter, Liverpool

Iain Sturges

Translational Imaging of the Brain in the Twentieth Century: Patterns and Trends in Computerised Tomography (CT), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices
Funded by the ESRC

Supervisor: Robert Kirk
Co-Supervisor: Carsten Timmermann

Cam Sharp Jones

Colonial ethnography and human antiquity in India, 1820-1900
Funded by the Leverhulme Trust

Supervisors: Pratik Chakrabarti
Co-supervisor: Ian Burney

Yuting Yao

Chimney under Reconstruction or Decoration: Climate Change Communication and Negotiation in China

Supervisor: Vladimir Jankovic
Co-supervisor: Elizabeth Toon


Please visit the CHSTM PhD blog for more information on individual projects