Jodrell Bank at sunset

CHSTM is...

a major international centre for the history of science, technology and medicine, and science communication

Vaccination to prevent smallpox.

CHSTM offers...

undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses in the history of science, technology and medicine, science communication, and medical humanities

Student in the library.

CHSTM has...

a thriving postgraduate research community and always welcomes applicants interested in undertaking research degrees

Researcher giving a lecture.

CHSTM runs...

research seminars, conferences, and reading groups

Sinclair ZX81 computer

CHSTM has...

a vibrant and diverse research culture, with a large group of postdoctoral researchers and wide interdisciplinary interests

Students cheering

CHSTM engages...

with public, school, and professional audiences

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Celebrating Research Success in FLS talk on 6 Nov 2013: David Kirby on 'Indecent Science'

@ManCHSTM #SciComm FTW @McrSciFest #msf15

Stephanie Snow helps Manchester mark World Stroke Day

'Forensics II' conference held in London