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Speaker seminars are integral to life at CHSTM. We maintain two regular, wide-ranging seminar series covering a range of topics.

Details of these seminars can be found below. Please sign up for our mailing list if you want to receive updates about seminars and other CHSTM events, or follow us on Twitter: @ManCHSTM.

CHSTM seminar series

Our principal seminar runs once per fortnight during each teaching semester. We aim to produce a varied programme featuring invited speakers from institutions across Britain and the world, ranging from well-known senior figures to promising younger members of the profession.

We are particularly keen to foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere; alongside all aspects of the history of science, technology and medicine, our speakers' institutional backgrounds have included science studies, cultural history, social anthropology, museums work and many other fields.

Unless otherwise indicated below, the seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 4pm. Seminars are typically around 50 minutes in length, followed by a period for audience questions and a visit to a local pub. Join us a few minutes before 4pm for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Unless otherwise indicated, meetings will take place in the CHSTM Seminar Room, 2.57 Simon Building (see the University's maps and travel page for directions).

Please contact Dr Dmitriy Myelnikov or Professor Pratik Chakrabarti if you have any queries about our seminar arrangements.

Programme: September to December 2017

  • Tuesday 26 September: Jonas Kure Buer (University of Oslo). Pharmaceutics and semantics: Drug categories as meaning-making devices – or how medical facts become 'hard'.
  • Tuesday 10 October: Marianne de Laet (Harvey Mudd College). Sniffing on a leash: Where body boundaries end.
  • Wednesday 25 October: Robin Scheffler (MIT). A contagious cause: The search for cancer viruses and the growth of American biomedicine.
  • Friday 3 November, 6pm, Sackvillle Street Building: Fred Jevons Science Policy Lecture by Jon Agar (UCL) on Science Policy under Thatcher, organised in collaboration with the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR). Please register here.
  • Tuesday 7 November: Graham Mooney (Johns Hopkins University). Healing in transit: Moving towards a critical history of the ambulance.
  • Tuesday 21 November: James Poskett (University of Warwick). Django's phrenologist: Science, slavery and material culture, 1791-1861.
  • Tuesday 12 December: Kathryn Schoefert (King's College London). One medicine, one brain? Comparative neuropathologies around 1960.

Lunchtime seminars

This is a less formal weekly series of half-hour papers and work-in-progress reports. The lunchtime seminar provides valuable experience for graduate students from CHSTM and elsewhere who may be presenting for the first time, and also helps members of the CHSTM community to keep up to date with each other's research.

The lunchtime seminar is held on Tuesdays during the teaching semester, unless otherwise indicated, at 1pm in the CHSTM Seminar Room, 2.57 Simon Building (see the University's maps and travel page for directions). Lunchtime seminars are typically no more than 30 minutes in length, followed by a period for audience questions (ending before 2pm).

Each semester's lunchtime seminar series is organised by postgraduates within the Centre. The current organiser is Kate Hiepko.

Programme for October-December 2017

  • Tuesday 3 October: Kate Hiepko (CHSTM). The censorship and control of medical journals in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), 1949-1990.
  • Tuesday 17 October: Francesca Elliott (CHSTM). Lessons from Objects: Visitor Reactions to Biological Models and Specimens at the Manchester Museum.
  • Tuesday 14 November: Nicola Sugden (CHSTM). 'Habeas cerebrum': Winnicott and the Physical Therapy Controversies in the British Medical Press, 1943-1956.
  • Tuesday 28 November: Roland Edwards (CHSTM). Agricultural Ergonomics - a study in marginalisation.
  • Tuesday 5 December: Rachel Douglas (CHSTM). Topic tbc.