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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Dissertation project in the history of science, technology or medicine

HSTM40100 (10-credit); HSTM40200 (20-credit); HSTM40400 (40-credit)

Semester One or Two, independent study and supervisions

Contact: Dr Simone Turchetti

Alongside its taught courses, CHSTM offers expert supervision for students undertaking undergraduate research dissertations. These are available to students on various programmes across the University for 10, 20 or 40 credits.

Dissertation projects do not have taught content, but are developed through one-to-one discussion with a research supervisor and normally relate to the supervisor's research specialism. They are often taken in conjunction with a taught course unit and explore part of its content in more detail.

If you are unsure whether your degree programme allows you to take a research dissertation, please contact your programme administrator, head of programme, year head or tutor for advice.

Available topics and supervisors

See the CHSTM staff list for profiles of individual staff including their research interests, which should help you to settle on a proposed topic area.

See also the guide to CHSTM research areas for more information about topics we cover.

Please contact supervisors directly with a request for research supervision. You should be prepared to negotiate on possible topic area: supervisors know their fields well, and will often advise against titles which are likely to be unproductive – but they may be able to suggest good alternatives.

Please do not contact all members of staff at once to ask about supervision! Only make contact if you have a particular interest in a particular staff member's area.


Dissertation projects are only available to students who have previously completed at least one CHSTM course unit, or (subject to approval) who are currently taking a CHSTM course unit and will be working on a dissertation topic closely related to its themes.

Faculty of Life Sciences final-year projects

We also supervise many research dissertations (called projects) for final-year undergraduates in the Faculty of Life Sciences. Further information will be sent out to FLS students with their final-year orientation literature.