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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine


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Why study the history of science, technology and medicine?

  • Why did nobody die of a heart attack before 1923?
  • Did the founding president of IBM really predict a future world market of "maybe five computers"?
  • Was Charles Darwin a Darwinist?

Science, technology and medicine are among the most significant and influential forms of knowledge and practice in modern society. Understanding how these activities have influenced society, and how society in turn has shaped their development, is thus an important task. A particularly effective way to acquire such understanding is through history: studying how and why science, technology and medicine change over time.

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BSc Biology with Science and Society

Our three-year undergraduate programme in Biology with Science and Society, including historical and science communication elements.

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We provide optional course units, core course material and dissertation supervision to hundreds of students on degree programmes across the University.

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