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CHSTM 076-btm-1200-(2)
Many of our donations are pictorial.  Here is a rare colour image of an early British computer: the BTM 1200 (formerly known as HEC), photographed in 1954.

If you are considering donating material to the National Archive for the History of Computing, please get in touch with us.

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate material which is likely to be of significant importance for the story of computing in Britain, and which is unique, irreplaceable or in danger of permanent loss. While most of our current holdings are in paper format, we endeavour to provide permanent storage for material in other media (although in some cases the relevant playback facilities may not be available locally.)

Please be aware, however, that funds and storage resources are limited. We are not generally in a position to accept

  • material not related the United Kingdom, as regards production or use (for material originating in the USA, the primary collecting organisation and clearing-house is the Charles Babbage Institute);
  • widely-distributed printed material (such as published books held by all UK Copyright Libraries);
  • computer hardware or other 'three-dimensional' artefacts, which can better be preserved by museum professionals. (We typically refer potential donors to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester for items produced or used in North-West England, or else to the Science Museum in London.)

This said, all correspondence is welcome: exceptions are sometimes made for items closely related to our research collection development aims or to current activities within CHSTM, and we can often suggest alternative homes for the items we cannot accept.

Donation enquiries should be sent to the Associate Director (see contact us.)

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