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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Local research facilities

CHSTM and the Manchester area provide an excellent range of resources and facilities for students and visiting scholars.

The CHSTM Library

CHSTM Library

The CHSTM Library, housed within the Centre

CHSTM Library

Housed within the Centre itself, the CHSTM Library supports our research focus on the history of science, technology and medicine since 1800, containing a wealth of mainly secondary material. The smaller Archive Collection reflects specific staff interests and material donated over many years.

The CHSTM Library is available for use by all CHSTM staff, graduate students and visiting scholars. Reader desks and access to the electronic catalogue are provided on-site.

Libraries and archives in Manchester

The University's John Rylands University Library (JRUL) is the largest non-legal deposit library in the United Kingdom, home to over four million books and manuscripts. Its stunning, neo-Gothic Deansgate building is home to most of the Library's Special Collections material, including impressive resources in the history of science, technology and medicine.

The Manchester Medical Collection, located in the JRUL main building, is an excellent source of information on medicine in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Library is home to the papers of John Dalton (1788-1845), pioneer of the atomic theory in modern chemistry, the Marie Stopes and Birth Control Collection, and the Jodrell Bank Archive. The UK National Archive for the History of Computing, administered by CHSTM, is mostly housed within JRUL and maintained by the Library's Special Collections staff. Further details of holdings may be found on JRUL's history of science and history of medicine subject pages. JRUL also boasts the most extensive electronic resources of any UK institution.

Beyond the University, both the Museum of Science and Industry and the City of Manchester's Central Library (also housed in an impressive building) hold unique archives and collections invaluable for studying the interactions between science, business and politics in an industrial city. The People's History Museum houses the Labour History Archive and Study Centre (managed by JRUL), an essential resource for tracing relations between industry and working people in Britain.

Local Museums

The city of Manchester is home to a world-class array of museums focusing on science, technology and urban industrial life.

Further museum details may be found at the 24 Hour Museum guide to Manchester.

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