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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Research areas

CHSTM 033-vlad-(2)
Staff are concerned with both theory and practice of science communication: CHSTM's Vladimir Jankovic, in costume for his TV series on the history of weather in military conflict, The Storms of War (Discovery Network, 2005)

Broad themes in the history of science, technology and medicine

A central feature of research and teaching in CHSTM is our integrative approach, and the exploration of themes and patterns across disciplines, periods and sites. This work informs our interests in science communication, science and its publics, and outreach to wider audiences.

Medical sciences and technologies since 1800

We focus on the intellectual, social, cultural and political history of medicine, from around 1800 to the most recent biomedical sciences and technologies. We have particular strengths in British medicine (including local history), but also work on Germany, the United States and the developing world.

Physical sciences and technology

Our coverage ranges from the switch from craft to scientific methods in technologies at the time of the Industrial Revolution, through to the major Big Sciences of the twentieth century: nuclear physics and computing.

Environmental sciences

Our research encompasses work on the understanding of, and responses to, environmental change, from the global to the local.

About our research culture

We are one of the largest HSTM groups in Britain, which means we have wide expertise and a critical mass of researchers working on many different types of project. The Centre is also a focus for HSTM in the University, and through its associates helps draw together the work of staff in other discipline areas who work on similar and related themes. We welcome short- and long-term visitors.

CHSTM staff are involved in numerous research networks and engage formally in collaborative research with other groups in Britain and overseas. There are weekly research seminars, and we regularly organise events including workshops and conferences. The Manchester region, with its universities and museums, has many libraries and archives and these provides a wealth of resources for research in HSTM.

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