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Westhoughton High School

As part of the Biology with Science and Society undergraduate degree programme, Emm Barnes has been running outreach placements for undergraduates from within the Faculty of Life Sciences, in partnership with Westhoughton High School in Bolton.The first two outreach sessions designed by these undergraduates for pupils taking GCSE biology were successfully piloted in March 2007, and we have been asked to run them again as part of the Manchester Science Festival.

Year 10 pupils loved acting out the effect of diabetes on levels of sugar in the blood, taking the parts of insulin, cell wall, sugar, and pancreas in a lesson designed to explain the difference between type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Year 11 pupils were treated to an exciting session on the spread of disease, exchanging ‘fluids’ (milk and water in beakers, one of which also contained starch) as they mingled then detecting who had been ‘infected’ (testing with iodine, which turns solutions containing starch blue) and working back to the source of the ‘epidemic.’

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