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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Museum partnerships

Rabies project at the Thackray Museum
CHSTM's Neil Pemberton (top, right) and Julia Hyland of the University of Birmingham (bottom) recreating the treatment options for nineteenth century dog bite
victims: Thackray Museum, Leeds, 2007

The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum, a part of The University of Manchester, is the UK’s largest University museum. CHSTM has a long history of working in partnership with the Museum on developing exhibitions and public events.

The exhibition ‘Alan Turing and Life’s Enigma’ runs from 24 March – 18 Nov 2012. It explores the Manchester work of Alan Turing on morphogenesis (the development of shape and structure in plants and animals) by combining archival materials, museum objects, video interviews and 1950s inspired designs. The exhibition was suggested by Prof John Pickstone (CHSTM) and developed in connection with the University of Manchester Heritage Programme which he leads. It was co-curated by Museum staff and by Dr Alice Nicholls (CHSTM), with input and support from The Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS).

The exhibition ‘Breed’, which runs from Oct – Dec 2012, explores dog breeding in Britain, linking history of science with social and cultural history. It derives from CHSTM research projects led by Professor Michael Worboys and funded by the AHRC and the Wellcome Trust, with Neil Pemberton (CHSTM) as researcher, and Prof Matthew Cobb and Prof Chris Klingenberg (FLS) as collaborators.

The Manchester Museum

Museum of Science and Industry

Among other activities, the Museum of Science and Industry has worked with the Royal College of Surgeons to encourage wider participation in medical training: we have contributed an illustrated talk and an object handling session, using objects from the Medical School's museum, to these events to introduce potential applicants to the history of the art of surgery.

People's History Museum

2005 marked the diamond jubilee of the University's Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, one of the first of its kind in the UK. The People's History Museum staged a special exhibition, "Hazards!" from January to July, on the history of occupational health in the UK, and in particular Manchester and its surrounding area, from 1800 to the present day. We worked with COEH and the museum, and historians of occupational health from a number of universities and the nearby National Museum of Mining in England, to develop six web-based resource packs for school groups and families visiting the exhibition, and some interactive online resources. These are available at the legacy website of COEH, as above.

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