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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Biomedical and patient care outreach work

Wellcome Trust Engaging Science event

In April 2006, along with Eleanor Lanyon, the outreach officer for the Wellcome Library, Emm Barnes co-ordinated a history of medicine exhibition stand at Engaging Science, a three-day Wellcome Trust conference in Manchester. This combined demonstrations of re-enactments or recreations of medical conditions and procedures from earlier centuries with object handling opportunities using items from the Manchester Medical School’s collection. During the lunch breaks, we confronted 300 conference attendees with Julia Hyland's reconstructions of gangrenous and burned limbs, and answered many requests for copies of CHSTM's educational packs.

Aspergillus resource

Aspergillus for Patients, a resource for patients suffering from aspergillus infections and the medical professionals who treat them, has been developed by a team of researchers in the Faculty of Life Sciences. They have collected a large number of historical papers relating to the condition. We have been working with this archive to provide non-specialist histories of what has been known about the nature and treatment of the condition, and of the place of fungi in medicine.


Cancerbackup regularly reviews patient information resources available for families with children undergoing treatment for cancer. We have contributed to this review by identifying additional materials developed in individual treatment centres, and analysing the historical development of particular formats, metaphors, authors, and audience groupings.


The Wellcome Trust has been funding Pulse, the development of a series of more than 20 performing arts projects designed to bring to life the scientific and ethical issues in present-day biomedical science, for young adult audiences. There was a festival for all groups taking part in the first phase of the project in Manchester in June 2004, in which CHSTM took part.


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