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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Science communication research

HSTM60612 (15 credits)

Semester Two

All-day sessions on three Mondays across the teaching semester

Contact: Dr Jane Gregory

This unit prepares students to undertake science communication research, either for a higher degree, or as part of their professional toolkit, for example in a company, charity or policy organisation. To achieve this, the unit will:

  • Enable students to deploy the right methodology for a particular research challenge
  • Enhance students’ sensitivity towards issues of research integrity and ethics
  • Broaden the students’ knowledge of the range and outcomes of science communication research
  • Improve the students’ research competencies, from grant application to publication
  • Develop personal skills that underpin effective research
  • Encourage students in the effective public communication of research concerns and outcomes

The unit is run as three one-day schools. Each one-day school will be organised around a theme: possible frameworks could be methodologies (for example 1. Qualitative research; 2. Quantitative research; 3. Action research), or around matter under study (for example, 1. Science communication processes and institutions; 2. Science communication outputs; 3. Science communication outcomes).