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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Science, media and journalism

HSTM60602 (15 credits)

Semester Two

All-day sessions on three Mondays across the teaching semester

Contact: Dr Jane Gregory

This unit prepares students for an entry level position in a media or broadcasting organisation, or to work freelance, or to undertake journalistic activities (such as writing press releases) as part of a broader role in a science-related company, charity or policy organisation. To achieve this, the unit will:

Develop students’ understanding of the history of science in the media

  • Enable students to analyse contemporary science in the media
  • Explain the roles, genres and forms  in the UK mass media and globally
  • Enhance students’ judgement of the potential of media sources, spaces and stories
  • Develop students’ skills at producing media products
  • Enhance students’ understanding of media institutions, conventions and processes
  • Establish students’ basic competence in areas of media law, ethics, values  and codes of conduct

The unit is delivered as three one-day schools. Each one-day school will be organised around a theme: possible themes could be  media (for example 1. Print; 2. Broadcast; 3. Digital), or media processes (for example, 1. Identifying stories; 2. Research and production; 3. Issues and impacts).