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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Science, government and public policy

HSTM60592 (15 credits)

Semester Two

All-day sessions on three Mondays across the teaching semester

Contact: Dr Jane Gregory

The course provides an overview of the relations between government and science, taking the UK as a core example but considering similarities and differences among Western developed economies and between these and less developed/rapidly developing economies. To achieve this, the unit will:

  • Introduce and problematize the notion of public policy and how it is made and implemented (including the role of scientific knowledge and expertise, and scientists) in these processes
  • Outline the key issues in policy for science and science for policy
  • Identify and reflect upon selected emerging issues in science policy (e.g. fraud and misconduct, ‘Science 2.0’ models of review and communication) and their implications.
  • Explore the communication of and public engagement in/with science policy.

The unit is taught as three one-day schools. Each one-day school will be organised around a theme: for example, the themes could be 1. Policy for science; 2. Science contributes to policy-making; and 3. Emerging issues in science policy.