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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Museums and public events

HSTM60582 (15 credits)

Semester Two

All-day sessions on three Mondays across the teaching semester

Contact: Dr Jane Gregory

This unit prepares students  for an entry level position in a science museum or science centre, or in public events management and delivery, and gives insights into these areas that would be part of the professional toolkit of an outreach officer, school teacher or scientist. To achieve this, the unit will:

  • Develop students’ understanding of the history of science and technology museums and centres, and their public events
  • Enhance students’ ability to analyse contemporary science museums
  • Explain the roles, professions, modes of collection and display and visitor experiences in museums and science centres
  • Help students to judge the potential for museum exhibitions and galleries
  • Develop students’ skills at producing exhibitions and other media for museums
  • Enhance students’ understanding of museums and science centres as institutions
  • Establish students’ basic competence in areas of regulation and good conduct in public institutions, including health & safety, risk assessment, equality and diversity, and social responsibility

The unit is taught as three one-day schools. Each one-day school will be organised around a theme: for example, the themes could be institutions (1. Museums; 2. Science Centres; 3. Science festivals and events), or practices (1. Collection and curation; 2. Visitors and Meanings; 3. Events and Participation).