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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Postgraduate option courses at CHSTM

At Master's level, most of our teaching consists of small-group seminar discussion classes

The following course units (modules) are available to a range of students across the University.

If you are not sure whether you can take our courses, please check with your programme director or postgraduate taught course administrator.

2015-2016, Semester One

In Semester One, we offer three wide-ranging courses based on lectures and seminars:

The two 30-credit units may in some cases be taken for 15 credits instead, with a reduced assessment schedule, if your own programme director allows this.

As there is some scheduling and content overlap between the two Major Themes units, they can't both be taken by the same student.

There are also two 15-credit skills units, Theory and practice in HSTM and medical humanities and Research and communication skills. These are designed around the needs of the HSTM and Science Communication MSc programmes, and are normally only taken by students on these programmes. However, we welcome enquiries about the possibility of taking these units from students who have future plans to specialise in these fields.

2015-2016, Semester Two

In Semester Two, we offer a group of units to provide specialised science communication skills, all at 15 credits:

  • Museums and public events
  • Science, government and public policy
  • Science, media and journalism
  • Science communication research

These units form part of the core course for our MSc in Science Communication, but may (subject to approval) be available as stand-alone options. Teaching contact time for each unit involves a series of three full-day sessions scheduled on Mondays during Semester Two.

We also offer three history units at 30 credits:

These units mostly attract students from the MSc in History of Science, Technology and Medicine, but we can usually accept other students subject to their programme director's approval.

Room locations will be confirmed at the beginning of the appropriate semester. Please contact the course co-ordinators listed on the individual course pages if you have any questions.


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