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Many students on the History of Science, Technology and Medicine pathway go on to PhD research in related areas. Others take up careers in fields including museums, libraries and archives, teaching, technical authorship and editing, science policy work, research administration, journalism and the media.

Medical students taking MSc Medical Humanities as an intercalation follow a variety of paths in medical practice. Areas where the skills and knowledge acquired may be applied include: patient care; legal and ethical concerns; institutional and public policy making; academic research and administration; cross-cultural and disability awareness; media involvement and writing for or speaking to the general public.

Profiles of some graduates of the MSc programme

  • Melissa Smith went on to a PhD at CHSTM before joining the Civil Service as a policy analyst for the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit, and more recently the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
  • Anthony Dellureficio is Library Systems Manager for the New School University, New York.
  • Edwin Colyer is a freelance science writer and runs his own copywriting and editorial agency.
  • Jamie Stark completed a PhD before becoming a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, working closely with the Thackray Medical Museum.
  • Rosie Yohannan studied part-time on the MSc and worked as a recording studio manager for the University of Salford, later becoming a technical author for a specialist audio equipment company.

Other roles taken by past MSc graduates include the following:

  • Duncan Yellowlees became Public Engagement Officer for the Centre for Life science centre, Newcastle.
  • Leah Wong became a consultant for Six Degrees, a public relations firm specialising in science, technology and engineering work.
  • Violeta Ruíz Cuenca went on to academic research in the history of medicine for projects funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation and other agencies.
  • Gemma Reed became Education Officer for the Catalyst science centre, Widnes.
  • Rob Elliott became a researcher for Pioneer Productions, an independent TV production company.
  • Rachel Boon became Assistant Curator of Technology and Engineering at the Science Museum in London.
  • Andrew Bowman went on to PhD research at CHSTM and is now a researcher at the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change at Manchester.
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