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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Dr Robert G W Kirk


Teaching Interests

I contribute to a number of taught courses offered by CHSTM at all levels and supervise individual research projects at undergraudate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

I welcome postgraduate and doctoral inquiries from candidates wishing to undertake research projects in the following areas from medical historial and/or wider humanities perspectives:

  • The role of non-human animals in modern culture, particularly science, medicine and technology, veterinary medicine, comparative medicine and ‘one medicine’.
  • Topics addressing the biomedical sciences, psychiatry, neuropsychopharmacology, the behavioural sciences, evolutionary psychiatry and mental health.
  • Topics addressing moral values and ethics in science, medicine and technology (inc. medical ethics, bioethics and the regulation of human and animal research).
  • Topics investigating human-microbe relations, including bacteria, infection and the 'microbiome'.


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