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Dr Neil Pemberton


Research Interests


I am a cultural historian of science and medicine working across the nineteenth and twentieth century, with a special interest in animal-human relationships and forensics. 

Selected Publications


Mad Dogs and Englishmen: Rabies in Britain 1820-2000 (Palgrave: 2007; second edition 2012) with M. Worboys.

Leech (Reaktion, 2013) with Robert Kirk

Body, Trace, Space: the forensics of homicide and the making of English CSI  (Johns Hopkins University, forthcoming 2016) with Ian Burney

On the Scent: Dogs, Detection and Forensic Cultures (Manchester University Press, forthcoming)

Articles & Book Chapters

'Ten Rillington Place and the Politics of Abortion in Modern Britain' Historical Journal, 2014, 57(4): 1085-1109. with Emma Jones

'The Rat-Catcher's Prank: Interspecies Cunningness and Scavenging in Henry Mayhew's London' Journal of Victorian Culture,  2014, 19(4): 520-535

‘”Bloodhounds as Detectives”: Dogs, Slum Stench and Late-Victorian Murder Investigation’ Cultural and Social History, 2013, 10(1): 69-91.

‘The House of Murder: the Christie Investigation and the Making of the Modern Crime Scene’ Manchester Memoirs, 2013, Vol 150, pp. 108-123. with Ian Burney

Special Issue: Forensic Cultures, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science Part C, 2013, 1-118. with Ian Burney and David Kirby

 ‘Making space for criminalistics: Hans Gross and Fin de’ siècle Forensics’ Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, 2013,  44 (1): 16-25. with Ian Burney

‘The Bloodhounds’ Nose Knows? Bloodhounds and Detectives in Anglo-American Culture’ Endeavour, 2013, 37(4), 196-208.

 ‘Hounding Holmes: Arthur Conan Doyle, Bloodhounds and Sleuthing in the late-Victorian imagination’ Journal of Victorian Culture,2012, 17(4): 454-467.

'Bruised Witness: Bernard Spilsbury and the performance of early twentieth-century forensic pathology' Medical History, 2010, 55(1), 20, with Ian Burney.

'The Rise and Fall of Celebrity Pathology' British Medical Journal, 2010, 341(3), with Ian Burney.


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