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CHSTM 062-taithe-seminar-(2)
A seminar presentation from Professor Bertrand Taithe

Speaker seminars are integral to CHSTM life. The Centre maintains two regular, wide-ranging seminar series:

CHSTM seminar series

Our principal seminar, running once per fortnight. We aim to produce a varied programme featuring invited speakers from institutions across Britain and the world, ranging from well-known senior figures to promising younger members of the profession. We are particularly keen to foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere: alongside all aspects of the history of science, technology and medicine, our speakers' institutional backgrounds have included science studies, cultural history, social anthropology, museums work and many other fields.

Lunchtime seminars

A less formal weekly series of half-hour papers and work-in-progress reports. The lunchtime seminar provides valuable experience for graduate students, from CHSTM and elsewhere, who may be presenting for the first time, and also helps members of the CHSTM community to keep up to date with each other's research.

CHSTM also co-ordinates a number of specialist seminar programmes:

Contemporary history of the NHS seminar series

A monthly series open to anyone interested in, or working on, the contemporary history of the National Health Service.

Health, History and Policy

CHSTM co-organises a series of seminars on Health, History and Policy with colleagues at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust.

We also co-host the prestigious annual Donald Cardwell Memorial Lectures in the history of technology and the Manchester History of Medicine Lectures. CHSTM seminars and lectures are open to anybody interested in the subject.

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Other local seminars

The University and other local institutions are home to several seminar series which address CHSTM interests, including:


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