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The health and welfare of the manufactured animal

Friday 19 September 2008

This one-day workshop aims to bring together medical and veterinary historians interested in the historical animal. The workshop seeks to move beyond the analysis of representations of animals in order to investigate animal agency and the extent to which historical analysis might reveal how animals have been determined by, whilst simultaneously determining the environments, contexts, knowledge claims, and wider understandings within which they exist. Papers will be organised by three themes: the laboratory, the farm, and the home. Our aim is to determine the extent to which historians can contribute to wider debates that see animals as co-constituents of the relationships within which they live. In so doing we seek to move beyond the representation of animals as passive products of human material and intellectual processes.

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This meeting is co-located with Veterinary Science and Empire on Thursday 18 September. You are welcome to attend both meetings: see the 'Veterinary Science' registration form for joint registration.

Provisional Programme

Download the programme (pdf)

Theme 1: Lives in the laboratory

10:30 - Stephanie Eichberg (Durham University)
"Pets and Scientific Subjects": Considering the animal body in different environments.

11:05 - Rob Kirk (CHSTM, University of Manchester)
Living Spaces: Environment and welfare in the lives of laboratory animals.

11:40 - Gail Davies (UCL)
Making Mice, Making Space: Tracing the geographies of transgenic mice welfare.

Theme 2: Animal Machines? The animal in agricultural production

13:15 - Richie Nimmo (University of Aberdeen)
Animal Mediations: Cows as contingent actors, co-producers and machines in the early 20th century British dairy industry.

13:50 - Abigail Woods (Imperial College London)
"No room for passengers!": The construction of the fertile cow, 1930-50.

14:25 - Karen Sayer (Leeds Trinity & All Saints)
Battery Birds: The animal in the machine.

Theme 3. Domesticated animals: Between patient and person?

15:30 - Andrew Gardiner (University of Edinburgh)
How Small Animals Made their Medicine.

16:05 - Mick Worboys and Neil Pemberton (CHSTM, University of Manchester)
Breeding, Feeding, Leading: Making the modern dog in Britain, 1870-1910.


Dr Robert Kirk

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