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Conferences and workshop meetings have a tremendously important role in bringing researchers together, forging intellectual and social links, and helping to define the nature and direction of our activities.  CHSTM staff organise several meetings each year, within the Centre and in collaboration with other bodies, ranging in scale from short day meetings to large international events.

We welcome proposals and suggestions from researchers interested in collaborating on conference development: please direct queries to the members of staff whose research interests are the most relevant.

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Our forthcoming meetings

BSHS Postgraduate Conference

4-6 April 2018

The 2018 British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference will take place at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), University of Manchester

Being Well Together

19-21 September 2018

Being Well Together will critically examine the myriad ways humans have formed partnerships with nonhuman species to improve health across time and place.

Past meetings held at CHSTM

RCPsych History of Psychiatry Special Interest Group workshop

10 November 2016
Simon Building, Room 2.57 (CHSTM Seminar Room)

History of Psychiatry Wikipedia Editathon

11 November 2016, 10am-1pm
Simon Building, Room 2.57 (CHSTM Seminar Room)

At this event, you'll learn to edit Wikipedia using the new and easy-to-use Visual Editor. We’ll then develop articles on the history of psychiatry: there are lots of pages on institutions, groups and individuals (particularly women) that are missing or very brief, so there’s lots of scope for making some exciting improvements!

Full training will be provided by Alice White, Wikimedian in Residence at the Wellcome Library. No previous experience is necessary, though a little digital skill is needed – but if you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit Wikipedia. Participants should bring a laptop or tablet – editing is much easier with a keyboard. If you’ve spotted an article that needs improving, bring along your queries and we’ll see what we can do to help!

Attendance is free and all are welcome.

Bodies, Technologies, Objects: A Medical Humanities Laboratory workshop

6 September 2016, Whitworth Art Gallery

Hand sanitizer dispensers, medicine bottles, surgical knives, bionic eyes: from the mundane and simple to the rarified and high-tech, objects mediate and condition our encounters with medicine, health and illness. How, this workshop asks, can those working in medical humanities engage productively with objects to gain insights into medical care and health experience? What can objects show or tell us that texts do not?

This workshop brings together scholars, artists, and museum professionals to address these questions. In three themed sessions combining presentation and discussion, we intend to explore the analytical, creative, and pedagogical possibilities that a focus on objects offers us.

Medical Humanities Laboratory Launch Event

19 November 2015, Whitworth Art Gallery

This new University of Manchester network encourages collaboration and exchange amongst those whose work, practice, and interests involve the artistic, humanistic, and human dimensions of medicine and health.

Please join us at our launch, where we’ll kick off this year’s activities with interactive discussions and exchange of ideas.

Locating Forensic Science and Medicine

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 July 2015

In recent years, forensic medicine and science have attained unprecedented visibility, representing a uniquely compelling, and at times contentious, example of applied expertise. The purpose of this conference, hosted jointly with the John J. Reilly Center and held at the University of Notre Dame Global Gateway in London is to explore ways, and assess the value, of thinking about forensics, past and present, from a broader, historical and trans-national perspective.

The Dog in 20th Century Science –Science in the 20th Century Dog

Friday 26 June 2015

This one-day meeting considered the place of the dog in science and medicine in the 20th century, and how science has impacted upon the nature, health and welfare of dogs.

Medicines, Translations and Histories

Thursday 11 and Friday 12 June 2015

This two-day symposium brought together scholars and practitioners to discuss issues around Translational Medicine, its promises and associated practices.

Stories about science: exploring science communication and entertainment media

Thursday 4 and Friday 5 June 2015

This two-day symposium brought scholars from across disciplines together to explore the communication of science through entertainment media in order to uncover new ways of approaching, understanding, and theorizing about this topic.

Science and technology at NATO

Friday 27 June 2014

This one-day workshop aimed to promote a preliminary discussion on the history of NATO’s science programs by bringing together scholars who have researched this history; those who are currently responsible for administering the NATO archive; and former administrators of NATO research programs.

John Pickstone memorial meeting

Friday 20 June 2014

A one-day meeting to remember and celebrate John Pickstone’s contribution to the history of science, technology and medicine, and the history of the north-west, alongside his family, friends, colleagues, the HSTM community and those working on the history of Manchester and the north-west.

Playing God: exploring the intersections between science, religion and entertainment media

Saturday 31 May - Sunday 1 June 2014

An interdisciplinary meeting funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Working Atmospheres: Weather and Climate Services in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Thursday 21 - Friday 22 November 2013

An event organised by Vladimir Jankovic (CHSTM) and Samuel Randalls (UCL), and sponsored by the International Commission on the History of Meteorology.

24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Sunday 21 - Sunday 28 July 2013

The International Congress is the largest event in the field, and takes place every four years. Recent meetings have been held in Mexico City (2001), Beijing (2005) and Budapest (2009). CHSTM staff led the Local Organising Committee for the Manchester Congress, whose theme was Knowledge at Work.

Dogs in History and Culture 1750-2000-

Friday 1 February 2013

Sponsored by the AHRC and organised by Michael Worboys, Julie-Marie Strange and Neil Pemberton. Scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds discussed the role and presence of the canine in history. The conference aimed to foster discussion about the nature of canines and their interactions with humans.

Animal Models, Model Animals? Meanings and Practices in the Biomedical Sciences

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 September 2012

A two-day workshop examining the changing uses of animal models in biomedical research to be held at CHSTM on Friday 21 September 2012.

Cold War/Blue Planet: the rise of the environmental sciences in a divided world

Wednesday 27 - Friday 29 June 2012

A three-day workshop on the growth of the earth sciences in Cold War context, bringing together perspectives from history, geography, intelligence, international relations, science and technology studies and environmental research.

Putting the science in fiction

Wednesday 25 April 2012

A one-day meeting bringing together leading entertainment professionals, novelists, arts scholars, and scientists to forge new relationships between the scientific community and the arts/entertainment community.

After 1918: history and politics of influenza in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries

24-26 August 2011

A joint meeting between the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique (Paris/Rennes) and the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (Manchester), held at Rennes, France.

City weathers: meteorology and urban design 1950-2010

23-24 June 2011

Hosted jointly by CHSTM and the Manchester Architecture Research Centre (MARC), this ESRC-sponsored workshop dealt with the application of climatological and meteorological knowledge in city planning. Please visit the MARC website for further information.

BSHS Postgraduate Conference 2011

4-6 January 2011

The 2011 annual postgraduate conference of the British Society for the History of Science was held in Manchester; for more details see the conference page.

Politics and practices: the post-war history of women's health

22-23 October 2010

This two-day conference brought together researchers interested in the politics, policy and practice of women's health after 1945. See the conference page for the programme and further details.

Forensic cultures

11-12 June 2010

An international conference examining the remarkable prominence of forensic science and medicine in contemporary culture. It brings together leading scholars from history, sociology and socio-legal studies, media and cultural studies, and practitioners working within the diverse locations of forensic culture – from crime scenes and bio-medical laboratories to television studios. For more information, programme and registration form, please visit the Forensic cultures conference homepage.

Whither the history of nineteenth-century medicine?

21 May 2010

This workshop addressed the state of affairs in the historiography of nineteenth-century medicine. What are the key questions that historians are asking?  What are the major themes being examined and what areas remain unexplored? The programme is available on the workshop website.

Drugs, standards and chronic illness

27-28 November 2009

A workshop forming part of the ESF Research Networking Programme 'Standard Drugs and Drug Standards'. The programme is available on the Drugs, standards and chronic illness conference pages.

Cultures of hygiene/Creole science: a two-day symposium

3-4 September 2009

Further details of this meeting.

British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference 2009

7-9 January 2009

CHSTM again played host to this annual event, which gives graduate students an opportunity to meet, to share ideas and experiences, and to give papers in a friendly and supportive environment. More details are available from the Postgraduate Conference 2009 pages.

Climate Matters

9-10 October 2008

A two-day meeting exploring the anxieties associated with the terms climate and anthropogenic climate change. More details and a provisional programme are available on the Climate Matters conference website.

The Health and Welfare of the Manufactured Animal

19 September 2008

One-day workshop, aiming to bring together medical and veterinary historians interested in the historical animal. The workshop aimed to move beyond the analysis of representations of animals in order to investigate animal agency. For the programme and further details, please see the Manufactured Animal conference pages.

Veterinary Science and Empire

18 September 2008

One-day workshop addressing veterinary science across a range of colonial contexts. We aimed to reveal the character and variability of veterinary knowledge and practices that were transferred from the metropole, that flowed within and were exported from these colonial settings. For programme and registration form, please see the Veterinary Science and Empire pages.

Third Annual Conference on Science and the Public

21-22 June 2008

Building on CHSTM's emerging strength in science communication studies, this established conference moved to Manchester with an expanded two-day format. For full details, see the Science and the Public conference webpage.

Communicating Medicine: Objects and Objectives

7 March 2008

This one day workshop brought together those involved and invested in communicating modern medicine, its social context and impact, to diverse publics through displays of images and objects. A detailed report is now available from the Communicating Medicine conference webpage.

Nature behind glass: historical and theoretical perspectives on natural science collections

6-8 September 2007

A CHSTM-supported symposium to be held at the Manchester Museum. For full details, see the Nature behind Glass webpage.

British Society for the History of Science Annual Conference 2007

28 June - 1 July 2007

A major meeting featuring around 100 papers and discussion sessions from across the history of science, technology and medicine, largely organised by CHSTM staff. See the BSHS website for full details of this conference.

Re-Imagining paediatrics: writing the history of paediatrics

18 May 2007

Jointly held with the British Society for the History of Child Health and Paediatrics, this workshop brought together the different constituencies studying the history of children's health: sociologists, historians and practising paediatricians. View the conference programme (pdf)

Sites and styles: Exploring the Comparative History of Cancer

22-24 March 2007

For the programme and further details, please visit the Constructing Cancers project website.

Theorica et practica: medical texts and practice in the earlier middle ages

10 March 2007

A one-day meeting organised by Clare Pilsworth. Further information, including the programme, is available on the webpage for this meeting.

Developments in mental health since 1945: international and local perspectives

23 February 2007

A one-day workshop bringing together medical historians and mental health practitioners with interests in the recent history of psychiatry and the mental health services.

Conference programme (pdf)

Computers in use: historical and social perspectives

22-23 July 2006

This meeting featured invited speakers whose work addresses computers, their representation and their users (expert and non-expert) across a variety of periods and contexts. For the programme and further details, please visit the Computers in Use page.

History of clinical iatrogenesis: before and after Ivan Illich

19 May 2006

A one-day workshop on the history of some of the more problematic aspects of modern medicine. For the programme and further details, please visit the History of Clinical Iatrogenesis conference homepage.

Perspectives and problems: innovation in the NHS

16 March 2006

A half day workshop, organised by the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS), the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) and the ESRC Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC) as a contribution to the ESRC Social Science Week 2006. For further details, please visit the conference website.

Centre and periphery in the history of science, technology and medicine

11 March 2006

A one-day workshop-style meeting aimed at graduate student researchers concerned with the role of centres of innovation or construction of knowledge and their associated periphery areas. For the programme and further details please visit the Centre and Periphery conference homepage.

Challenging the altitudes

5 December 2005

A one-day conference in the history of altitude medicine. Organiser: Jorge Lossio. Find out about the programme on the Challenging the Altitudes conference homepage.

Patients and pathways: cancer therapies in historical and sociological perspective

6-8 October 2005

An international workshop exploring the history of cancer therapies in the 20th century. Find out more about the conference and the cancer history research project on the Patients and Pathways website.

Big issues, big pictures and the history of science, technology and medicine

24-25 June 2005

How might HSTM engage with some of the big issues of the contemporary world? The big issues chosen were, the meanings of science, the politics of technoscience, the need for global histories of HSTM, and the possibilities of HSTM for policy makers and publics. A workshop report by John Pickstone can be downloaded (as pdf file).

Enabling the past: new perspectives in the history of disability

17-19 June 2005

A meeting to explore diverse approaches to disability in historical contexts, consider new perspectives and offer directions for further research. Organised jointly with the Centre for the Cultural History of War. Organisers: Julie Anderson and Anna Carden-Coyne.

Mediating biomedicine: engaging, resisting, negotiating

10-11 September 2004

Workshop-style conference which explored the dynamic relationships between educators and audiences, experts and laypeople, professionals and patients. Organiser : Elizabeth Toon.

BSHS Postgraduate Conference

6-8 January 2004

The British Society for the History of Science's annual event, allowing graduate students from around the world to meet and discuss their work, came to Manchester in 2004 and was organised entirely by PhD students at CHSTM. Full details are available from the BSHS website.

Devices and designs: medical technologies in historical perspective

11-13 July 2003

A major conference on medical technology and medical innovation in history and society, sponsored by the Society for the Social History of Medicine (SSHM), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Wellcome Trust. Some of the papers are available in a volume edited by Carsten Timmermann and Julie Anderson, published by Palgrave Macmillan in November 2006.

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