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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine


New and established staff and students meet at our welcome reception in 2006

The Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) was founded in 1986 and now serves as a focus for the discipline in North West England and beyond.

The Centre is home to one of the largest groups in the history of science, technology and medicine (HSTM) in the UK, and has a strong international presence. It contains a Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, funded by the Wellcome Trust, and the UK National Archive for the History of Computing, a major research resource for information technology history and culture.


The Centre has a lively and supportive research culture, offering opportunities from research training at Masters level, through PhD and postdoctoral work, to major individual and collaborative research projects. We welcome short- and long-term visitors, and work with groups in Britain and overseas. We maintain two weekly research seminar series and a lively programme of workshops and conferences.

Our several interconnected research areas address the social and cultural history of science, technology and medicine as they were practised and experienced. We focuses predominantly on nineteenth- and twentieth-century history, mostly in Britain, Europe and the USA, but also including Far Eastern and African science, technology and medicine. The Centre, University and Manchester region offer excellent research facilities.


We run several taught Masters degree routes, including an Intercalated MSc for medical students and an ESRC-approved Research Methods programme. The programmes are open to part-time students and to postgraduates who are looking for careers in technology, museums, or the media, as well as those intending to go on to PhD research.

The Centre offers a wide variety of undergraduate course units to students across the University. It also provides the HSTM component to the BSc Biology with Science and Society programme.

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