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Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

About Us

The Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM), nicknamed Baby.

Research at CHSTM

We are one of the largest HSTM groups in Britain, which means we have wide expertise and a critical mass of researchers working on many different types of project. The Centre is also a focus for HSTM in the University, and through its ASSOCIATES helps draw together the work of staff in other discipline areas who work on similar and related themes. We welcome short- and long-term VISITORS.

CHSTM staff are involved in numerous research networks and engage formally in COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH with other groups in Britain and overseas. There are weekly research SEMINARS, and we regularly organise EVENTS including workshops and conferences. The Manchester region, with its universities and museums, has many libraries and archives and these provide a wealth of resources for research in HSTM.

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CHSTM - an overview

Find out MORE ABOUT CHSTM. Founded in 1986, we are are the largest British group devoted to integrated historical studies of science, technology and medicine and science communication.

CHSTM people

Profiles and contact details for PEOPLE AT CHSTM: faculty, researchers, students and administrative staff.

Getting in touch

Trying to get in touch? You can find CONTACT US and also find MAPS AND TRAVEL information.

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